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All About Moi
Howdy, y'all! Valichou. 32. Born in LaSalle. Currently living Salaberry-de-Valleyfield. Scorpio with Moon in Pisces. I have my High School diploma and I am unemployed for now. Caring, funny, with a heart of gold and a pure beautiful soul. Protective. Jared!girl. I can be an amazing friend who has a candle in her soul brighter the sun but in all honesty, I fear letting it shine. I never want to make anyone feel bad and/or jealous. Some people told me that I am a passionate lover, but if I absolutely had to, I would kick some ass for any of my online friends. ♡
My Sweet Memories
Valichou: I would please like an eye contact.
Jared: What do you mean?
Valichou: We look at each other?
Jared: You got it.


Valichou: It is my very first convention.
Jared: Did you like it?
Valichou: I loved it, thank you.
Jared: Awesome!


Valichou: We will be as the Mario brothers.
Jared: Do I need to put the hat like on the picture?
Valichou: Yes... Backwards.
Jared: How do I look?
Valichou: You look great!


Valichou: We have another one.
Jared: What is the pose for this one?
Valichou: May I have a hug from behind?
Jared: Come here. Thank you, sweetie.
Dearest Jared,

I got to meet you a second time in October of 2O15. I took the look you gave me so personal. I had the feeling that you recognized me from the previous convention the year before. I do not know anymore. I am trying my hardest, but I really cannot forget everything that has been said to me from the fandom and other places. I wish I was not questioning whoever anymore. I love you!

You make me incredibly happy! Your hugs and the interactions with you mean the world. I feel like nobody deserves to be hurt so much I have felt from just loving you and supporting you. Nobody deserves to be crying for being your fan. Sure I have met some of my closest friends from being your fan, too. But I have been so sad about everything. I just do not know and it is the weirdest feeling. I loved you today. I will love you tomorrow, too. It is just all of that has really hurt me in the last few years. I have met you twice already and I plan to meet you again in 2O17, in Toronto.

I wanted to go last October (2O16), but due to recent health problems, I could not go. It made me so sad because I was looking forward seeing you again and sharing more photo ops with you. Until then, take care.

With all my love, your devoted fan, Valérie
Somewhere in Time
Back November 2016
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"Ola mishamigos!"

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Please let me know your first name and how you did find me. I am talking about my daily life, my family, my fandoms, my friends and my health problems. Once I added you back as a friend, you are free to have a look here. This is on more information about lil' ol' me.

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» ρα∂∂ιє-ρα∂ «: shepherd » future t ball star
From: manic_padagirl(Linkage)
Date: September 21st, 2016 10:55pm (UTC)
Anytime. If you ever want me to unlock it again, leave me a new comment.
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Jared's Quotes
"I am enough. And so are you."

"Each and every one of you is worthy."

"When life beats you down, never give up."
Sammy is the cursed brother
I will love him ever after
He is a great demon hunter

Dean is not only the one in leather
He is his older brother
Since forever, they are hunting together

Castiel is the one with the trench coat
He is a virgin, but we love him lots
An angel who is also hunting like a boss

Listen up, do you hear my call
The show Supernatural has got it all
Let's hope for another good season, y'all
My cute Toybox

Dearest Jared,

First, let me tell you thank you, because since I met you in September of 2O14, you have helped me in many ways you probably cannot imagine. And if I am honest with you, this opportunity comes once in a lifetime.

My online friend, Barbara, offered me her second ticket so I could go to a Supernatural convention with her. Of course, your best friend, Jensen, was going to be there, too.

No offense to him, I like him, but I have gone to that convention to watch you. You are my hero and my inspiration. Not all heroes wear a cape. Mine loves to wear beanies.

There are so many things I wanted you to know as I got closer to you for my photo ops. I wanted to tell you that I have traveled all the way with a bus from my hometown to Montreal, Canada, to New York, for my first convention in 2O14. Then, one more hour from New York to New Jersey with a cab. It was also my very first trip to the United States, too. I was a bit nervous, but I kept telling myself that it is worth it. My biggest dream was about to come a reality, after three years of waiting that my time would come.

I could not talk to you a lot, though, since the seconds run fast during the photo ops. Your Represent campaigns made me realize that I am not alone. I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in October 2OO6 and with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in June 2O14.

I made a video of myself and my story on of this year and I have posted it on your Timeline. So many things have happened since then. I was hospitalized for twenty-four hours at the end of July. Now I am suffering from anxiety and from stress. To be honest, I worry a lot about you often.

I want to thank you for caring, thank you for your hugs, for your controversies on Twitter, for your smile, thank you for your videos on Facebook, thank you for your words. Trust me, you have saved my life for the better. I am a better person because of you. And for that, I will always be your fan.

I am in love with you since five years. When I have discovered you for the first time, it was in the second episode of the seventh season of Supernatural, Hello Cruel World, when Sam was having his seizure in the ambulance. Your acting took my breath away. You are such a good actor. It hurts me when haters tell you that you cannot act because they are so wrong about it. Please do not believe what they say. Believe more what the true Moose-Kateers tell you.

Every time I see you on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, my admiration for you grows. I know that you are a father to two adorable boys and you are married to your soulmate. Believe me, I mean no harm to them. I love them as much as I love you. You are just my favourite human being.

With all my love, Valérie
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